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Robotic Hand

1. Title: Robotic Hand

2. Components:
i. A Servo Motor
ii. Nylon thread and pulley
iii. chassis (body of the robot)
iv. Flexible pipe(for fingers) [you can use other material]
v. Foam, Hand gloves and lock tie
vi. FSR(force sensitive resistor)
vii. LIPO battery
viii. Controller board(arduino)

3. Rating/Difficulty:3/5

4. Description: It is a smart Robotic hand. when you hold this hand, it will offer you a handshake.

5. Concepts to Study: Structure of Human hand, Servo motor, FSR(force sensitive resistor)

6. Procedure:
i. Take five flexible plastic pipe and adhere nylon thread to all finger tips.
ii. Mount fingers onto chassis; and thumb through pulley mechanism.
iii. Mount servo motor and connect it with controller board.
iv. Club all nylon thread stretched out from fingers and fix it with servo motor.
v. Mount and connect FSR on palm.
vi. Burn codes in controller board and connect supply.

7. Advantages:
i. Simple in construction
ii. simple logic
iii. Offers Firm grip

i. Wear and tear of nylon thread

i. Fabricating sleek chassis design.
ii. Adding individual servo motor for functioning individual finger
iii. Using another material for finger design
iii. Using multiple fsr or other sensor for bestowing sense of touch to hand.
iv. Embedding haptic technology

10. Applications: Artificial hand for disabled people, industrial application, Robotic surgery etc.

11. Price:INR 6000/-

Images & Video:

Robotic Hand

Robotic Hand

Robotic Hand

Robotic Hand

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