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Telecom Quiz 3 (Wireless Standards)

1. SDMA stands for which of the following?
A. Space-derived multiple access B. Space-division multiple access
C. Space-division maximum access D. Spatial-division multiple access

2. IEEE 802.20 is the IEEE standard for which of the following?
A. Wi-Fi B. WiMAX
C. Wireless Broadband D. Zigbee

3. The term GPRS stands for?
A. General Packet Radio Services B. Global Packet Radio Services
C. General Public Radio Services D. General Packet Radio System

4. CDMA is which type of access system from the following?
A. Wide band access B. Private access
C. Multiple access D. Public access

5. NFC incorporates which type of communication protocol?
A. Broadcast communication B. Multicast communication
C. Peer to peer communication D. Unicast communication

6. Which type of network is infrastructure independent?
A. Ad hoc network B. Fixed network
C. Peer network D. Wideband network

7. The IEEE standard 802.15 is dedicated for which technology?
A. Wi-Fi B. Wimax
C. Zigbee D. Bluetooth

8. The term OSI stands for which of the following?
A. Open Systems Interconnection B. Operating Systems Interconnection
C. Open service Interconnection D. Open Systems Interference

9. Which of these frequencies is not a part of ISM allocated frequencies?
A. 2.4 GHz B. 13.55 GHz
C. 24 GHz D. 8.5 Ghz

10. Which of these is not a standard for Wi-Fi?
A. 802.1a B. 802.11g
C. 802.11n D. 802.11uv

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