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Telecom Quiz 1 (General)

1. What was the first generation cellular system called?
A. GSM B. Mobile broadband
C. AMPS D. Microwave communication link

2. Which area of the world first deployed cellular services for commercial use?
A. Asia B. Europe
C. North America D. Africa

3. In Europe, the second generation of mobile communication was standardized by what name?
C. NAMPS D. Broadband

4. GSM is the short form for which of the following?
A. General system for media B. Global system for Mobile market
C. General System for Mobile D. Global System for Mobile Communications

5. Earlier first generation mobile communication system used which type of access system?
A. Frequency division access B. Time division access
C. Code division acces D. space division access

6. What does the acronym CDMA stand for
A. Code Division Media Access B. Code Derived Media Access
C. Circuit Division ulltiple Access D. Code Division Multiple Access

7. Which company launched the first mobile phone?
A. AT&T B. Nokia
C. Motorola D. Apple

8. Which company is considered as the first company to launch first smartphone?
A. Nokia B. AT&T
C. Microsoft D. IBM

9. Which is the world's largest individual mobile operator ?
A. Vodafone B. AT&T
C. Isolated address and data lines D. All of these

10. Who founded AT&T Corporation?
A. Alexander Graham Bell B. Leander Petrick
C. Carrie Bell D. None of these

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