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General Quiz 9

1. Identify the person?
some text
A. Kiran Karnik B. Sabeer Bhatia
C. Sam Pitroda D. Ajith Balakrishnan

2. What universal tool to aid financial transactions was predicted and described by Edward Beliamy in his 1887 novel "looking Backward"?
A. Credit card B. Debit card
C. ATM D. Mobile Money

3. Which of these invention-inventor pairs is NOT correct?
A. Electric Battery-Alessandro Volta B. Ethernet -Bob Metcalfe
C. Barometer -Amedeo Avagadro D. Revolver -samuel Colt

4. Which Company is this an old Logo of?
some text
A. Samsung B. Sony
C. Hitachi D. Lenovo

5. On whose birthday did Google launch their first-ever live action video doodle in 2011?
A. Michael Jackson B. Charlie Chaplin
C. Neil Armstrong D. Michael Phelps

6. Which fictional character started a dot-com company,Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega- Net,which was later bought out by Bill Gates?
A. Tim Cook B. Eric Bishop
C. Homer Simpson D. Andy Groove

7. Which of these phones DO NOT run on android?
A. Samsung Galaxy Note B. Motorola Milestone
C. Sony Ericsson w950 D. Acer Stream

8. What retroreflective safety device used in road marking did Percy Shaw invent while driving one night in 1933?
A. Cat's Eye B. Bull's Eye
C. Dogs's Eye D. Owl's Eye

9. Identify the software?
some text
A. Mcaffe B. Kaspersky
C. Keil D. Vipre

10. Bob Young and Marc Ewing started what in 1993 which has made signicant contributions in the world of linux?
A. Rubi B. Scilab
C. Proteus D. Redhat

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