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General Quiz 8

1. Which of these companies are NOT named after their founders?

2. Identify Him?
some text
A. Charles Babbage B. Tim Berners Lee
C. Thomas Edison D. Michael Faraday

3. Which brand in this world created the Whispernet for its trademark device?
A. Microsoft B. Amazon
C. Nokia D. Dell

4. Identify this?
some text
A. CPU B. Motherboard
C. Blackbox D. UPS

5. Which company acquired Conner Peripherals, Maxtor and EVault?
A. Seagate B. Mouserbear
C. Mckinsey D. Transcend

6. Who has developed AISHA a competitor for SIRI in the market?
A. Micromax B. Carbon mobiles
C. Spice D. Lava mobiles

7. What was developed by Justin Frankel, Dmitry Boldyrev, and Shiva Ayyadurai and its popularity grew quickly, along with the developing trend of MP3 file sharing?
A. Torrent B. Winamp
C. Skype D. iTunes

8. Which famous utility was started by Drew Houston, the idea for which he conceived while at MIT?
A. Youtube B. Instagram
C. Whatsapp D. Dropbox

9. Identify this logo?
some text
A. Firefox B. Snapdragon
C. Sandisk D. Seagate

10. Identify the logo?
some text
A. Transistor B. USB

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