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General Quiz 7

1. Connect SPSS , LEXMARK , Pwc and the sale of Thinkpad in 2005?

2. What did a Finnish mobile operator offer as "Harmonium", a downloadable service facility for the first time in 1998?
A. Callertunes B. Screensaver
C. Ringtones D. Wallpaper

3. What word, meaning 'The Spirit of the times' in German, is the name of a year-end list that Google publishes, featuring the general trend of what the world is searching?
A. Zeitgeist B. Zeittrends
C. Zygeist D. Zytrens

4. Grace Murray Hooper wrote the first_____ in 1952?
A. BUG B. Compiler
C. BIOS D. C++ program

5. What was created by Eduaro Saverin ,Chris Huges , Dustin Muzkovitz and other guy?
A. Twitter B. Instagram
C. Facebook D. Quora

6. What standard cleanroom attire was popularized the Intel Ad campaigns for Pentium microprocessors series in 1997?
A. Bunny Suit B. Academic Dress
C. Eisenhower Jacket D. Makintosh Coat

7. Which former Google executive was hired by Yahoo to take up their Chief Executive Officer Post?
A. Sergey Brin B. Dick Costollo
C. Marissa Mayer D. Larry Page

8. The rising demand of power for cameras led to the introduction of which brand by Samuel Ruben and Mallery in 1964?
A. Duracell B. Eveready
C. Nippo D. Farer

9. Why was this lady in news recently?
some text
A. New Head of IMF B. Voice for Siri
C. New Entrant in MADAME TUSSARDS Museum D. New CEO of CISCO

10. Which of these units are NOT named after scientists?
C. CARAT D. Siemens

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