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General Quiz 6

1. Jimmy Wales, an Internet Entrepreneur co-founded which of these websites?
A. B.
C. D.

2. Guess the product!
some text
A. Coco Cola B. Diet Coke
C. Coco Cola Zero D. Coco Cola Light

3. Type of testing where the product is tested in-house under controlled or laboratory conditions?
A. Beta testing B. Alpha testing
C. Gamma Testing D. Delta testing

4. Company X was recently added to the benchmark S&P’s 500 Index in a move to drive up its share price. It went public in 2012, replacing company Company Y and now ranks in the 30 most valuable companies on the S&P?
A. Gse Holding B. Facebook
C. Twitter D. None of these

5. Cannaught Plaza Restaurants and Hardcastle Restaurants have had the responsibility for the entry of Which MNC to India?
A. KFC B. Dominos
C. Subway D. Mcdonalds

6. Vaughn Ronald Pratt designed the logo of which company consisting of 8 u's?
A. Accenture B. Wipro
C. Sun Microsystems D. INTEL

7. Which companies name comes from a spelling mistake in a word created by 9-year-old Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner?
A. Yahoo B. Amazon
C. Ebay D. Google

8. Series 40 is a mobile OS by which company?
A. Nokia B. Blackberry
C. Microsoft D. Google

9. What in this world uses MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 digital compression technology and is transmitted using INSAT 4A at 83 degrees East?
A. Tatasky B. Airtel DTH
C. Videocon D2h D. Reliance Digital Service

10. Which company made these cameras called DSP 1 the so called first digital cameras?
some text
A. Nikon B. Canon
C. Fuji D. Sony

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