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General Quiz 4

1. What is the Former Name of company Apple.Inc?
A. Apple Hardware Inc B. Apple Mobiles Inc
C. Apple Computer Inc D. Mac Inc

2. Which Movie portrays 'FACEBOOK'?
A. Public Networking B. Facebook Networking
C. The Legend of Facebook D. The Social Network

3. Who is the Founder of Twitter?
A. Jack Dorsey B. Andrew Garfield
C. Jesse Eisenberg D. Armie Hammer

4. Who coined the term 'Robot'?
A. Tony Chapek B. George Chapek
C. Karel Capek D. Bob Chapek

5. When was the company 'Apple Inc' Founded?
A. April 1, 1966 B. April 1, 1976
C. April 1, 1986 D. April 1, 1996

6. What is the full form of 'DARPA', USA?
A. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency B. Design studio of Aircraft Research Projects Agency
C. Development and Advance Research Projects Agency D. Develop Advance Recreational Projects Agency

7. RHex a popular Hexapod Robot was developed by?
A. MIT Media Lab B. Boston Dynamics
C. DARPA D. Hobby King

8. What is the full form of TED in TED: Ideas worth Spreading?
A. Technical, Education, Design B. Technology, Education, Development
C. Technology, E-Learning, Development D. Technology, Entertainment, Design

9. The book : 'The Universe in a Nutshell' is written by?
A. Sunita Williams B. Neil Armstrong
C. Stephen Hawking D. Edwin A. Aldrin

10. Cybrog is the short name of __?
A. Cybernetic Organism B. Cyber organization
C. Cyber organics D. Cybernetic organ

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