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General Quiz 3

1. Name the world's first PC which was built in 1975?
A. Altair 8000 B. Altair 8800
C. Altair 9000 D. Altair 9900

2. Tim Patterson developed this legendary product which set the base for easy computing. What was that?
A. Motherboard B. Disk Operating System
C. Keyboard D. GUI

3. Along with which company did Intel co-invent the "Itanium" Processor?
A. Hewlett Packard B. IBM
C. Dell D. Microsoft

4. 'Business @ the Speed of Thought' was the book from Microsoft's Chief Software Architect, Bill Gates. Name the person who co-authored the subject?
A. Paul Allen B. Steve Ballmer
C. Stephen Elop D. Collins Hemingway

5. Which law states that 'The value of a network is squared each time another peer joins the network'?
A. Henry Law B. Omiley Law
C. Metcalfe Law D. Bernard Law

6. Kevin Mitnick entered the Guinness Book of World Records after he hacked most of the America's leading telephone companies' network and was banned from using a computer till January 2003. And later he played a role in a ABC's spy thriller 'Alias'. What role?
A. CIA computer expert B. FBI Computer Expert
C. CIA Security Chief D. FBI Security Chief

7. Guess this famous personality! some text
A. Neil Armstrong B. Cloudfox
C. Charles Lindbergh D. Steve Jobs

8. What path-breaking device was founded by Vijay Chandru, Prof Ramesh Hariharan, Prof. Swami Manohar and Prof. V.Vinay?
A. Palm Top B. SIMputer
C. Kindle D. Super Computer

9. Who Co-Invented the Magic 8 Ball? some text
A. Abe Carter B. Abe Creazer
C. Albert Craft D. Albert Carter

10. The processing power of a CPU in a computer is measured in MIPS. What does it stand for?
A. Million Instructions Per Second B. Maximum Instructions Per Second
C. Million Iterations Per Second D. Maximum Iterations Per Second

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