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General Quiz 2

1. In July 18, 1968, Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore and Andy Grove incorporated this famous company. Name it?
C. Texas Instruments D. Videocon

2. Who is considered as the 'Father of Electronic Gaming'?
A. Tim Berners Lee B. George Butterworth
C. Harry T. Marshall D. Nolan Bushnell

3. Name the world's first computer with GUI (Graphical User Interface)?
A. Apple Macintosh B. Apple powerbook
C. Apple Lisa D. Apple II series

4. Identify the personality on the right.
some text
A. Bill Gates B. Warren Buffett
C. Larry Ellison D. Jim Walton

5. Which company had collaborated Bell Laboratories and MIT to create a time sharing, multi-user computer system called Multics in 1964?
A. General Electric B. Apple
C. IBM D. Sun Microsystems

6. When was the first Personal Computer introduced in India?
A. 1964 B. 1974
C. 1984 D. 1994

7. Name the company from its logo if the name is removed? some text
A. Dropbox B. Cloudfox
C. Cooudfire D. Skype

8. Which was the first Indian Software company listed on NYSE?
A. Silverline Technologies Ltd B. Infosys
C. HCL Technologies D. Wipro

9. What is the earlier name for Javascript?
A. Sunscript B. JVMscript
C. Livescript D. NTJVscript

10. Which famous personality is known as the "Guy with the Algorithm"?
A. Evan Joes B. Kanwal Rekhi
C. Tim berner's lee D. Steve Wozniak

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