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General Quiz 10

1. This is an ad of which famous company ?
some text
A. Viber B. Skype
C. Line D. Google+

2. Apple:Siri ::: Samsung : _________ ?
A. Android B. S Talk
C. S Voice D. S Sound

3. Drew Houston conceived the idea after repeatedly forgetting his USB Flash drive while he was a student at MIT. What creation did this lead to?
A. Dropbox B. Google+
C. Napster D. Cloud

4. Identify this device?
some text
A. Amazon Kindle B. Nintendo DS
C. Sony PSP D. Sameo Galaxy Touch

5. It was also ranked as the No. 1 for customer satisfaction within the first year of its launch with an overall score of over 95%. It have also been adjudged the 'Buzziest Brands of 2009' i.e. the most searched for brands by surfers, in a survey carried out by a leading online portal in India?
A. Micromax B. Virgin Mobile
C. Karbonn D. Lava Mobile

6. Which company, well known in the field of gaming, in collaboration with New Line Cinema creates games based on movies (Recently on an alien franchise)?
A. SEGA B. Electronic Arts
C. LEGO group D. Rockstar Games

7. Identify the logo?
some text
A. Java script B. Python
C. Perl D. Verilog

8. Which company was co-founded by Dhruv Shringi(CEO),Manish Amin(CIO), Alok Vaish(CFO) and Sabina chopra (EVP Operation) as a Travel portal in India,mainly the airlines ticket booking portal.Now the firm has extended its service to total travel solution like booking bus tickets,hotel rooms,car rentals. Identify the company?
A. Make My Trip B. Clear Trip
C. Goibibo D. Yatra

9. Identify the Technology?
some text
A. NFC B. Bluetooth
C. Infrared D. Wimax

10. Robert Metcalfe’s first experimental network was called the Alto Aloha Network. In 1973, Metcalfe changed the name to what?
A. Ethernet B. Internet

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