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Electronic Quiz 5 (8051 Microcontroller)

1. Out of these Micro Controllers are usually used for?
A. Computer B. Mobile Phone
C. Embedded systems D. None of these

2. How many External Hardware Interrupt are there in 8051?
A. 5 B. 3
C. 2 D. 4

3. What is the size of internal RAM memory which is BIT addressable?
A. 64 bit B. 128 bit
C. 128 byte D. 256 byte

4. Are PSW (Program Status Word) and Flag Register are similar in function?
A. Yes B. No
C. Depends on application D. Depends on the program

5. Register Bank selection is done by which register?
A. Accumulator B. PSW
C. Sp D. None of these

6. For which Port of 8051 we need external Pull up resistors?
A. Port 3 B. Port 1
C. Port 0 D. Port 2

7. What is the size of internal RAM memory of 8051?
A. 64 bytes B. 128 bytes
C. 256 bytes D. 512 bytes

8. What is the maximum size of ROM memory can be accessed by 8051 including Internal ROM?
A. 60kB B. 62kB
C. 64kB D. 68kB

9. Which register is used in serial data transfer?

10. The instruction RET is used for?
A. Return from Subroutine B. Return from Interrupt
C. Return to top of program D. Return to stack memory

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