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Electronic Quiz 3 (Components)

1. LED is th short form of which of the following?
A. Light Emitting Diode B. Linear Emitting Diode
C. Light Emission Diode D. Light Emitting Diaphragm

2. Which of these component passes DC and Blocks AC?
A. Resistor B. Inductor
C. Capacitor D. Diode

3. Reverse to the previous question, which of these components passes AC and blocks DC?
A. Resistor B. Inductor
C. Capacitor D. Diode

4. Name the phenomenon in physics that is demonstrated by a substance that emits light absorbed by it.
A. Peluscent B. Electroluscent
C. Luminescent D. Fluorescence

5. Which of these device can be used for variable voltage requirements?
A. Potentiometer B. Voltage Regulator
C. SMPS D. Transformer

6. Step up and step down are the types of which of these component?
A. Diodes B. Regulators
C. Transformers D. Switch

7. Membrane is one of the type of which of these components?
A. Cables B. Switch
C. Connectors D. None of these

8. Name the device that converts variations in a physical quantity, such as pressure or brightness, into an electrical signal, or vice versa?
A. Converter B. Optimizer
C. Electric Probe D. Transducer

9. In the lingo of modern cameras, CCD is the short form for which of the following?
A. Charge Couple Device B. Carrying Couple Device
C. Charge Carrying Device D. Charge Capacitive Device

10. In telecommunication RS-232 is one of the most widely used serial communication protocol. In this 'RS' stands for??
A. Released Standard B. Recommended Standard
C. Reduced Standard D. Renewed Standard

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