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Electronic Quiz 2 (Components)

1. Name the device that vibrates the speaker cone shell to produce sound ?
A. Inductor B. Spring
C. Mechanical Membrane D. Coil

2. BJT is the short form of which of the following?
A. Bipolar Junction Transistor B. Bilateral Junction Transistor
C. Bipolar Joint Transistor D. Bipolar Junction Transformer

3. Flexi-Rigid is one of the type of which of the following component ?
A. Resistor B. Printed Circuit Board
C. Inductor D. Switch

4. Which of the component allows currnt to flow in only one direction?
A. Diode B. Voltage Regulator
C. Transformer D. None of these

5. This component consists of two plates separated by a dielectric and can store a charge?
A. Resistor B. Inductor
C. Capacitor D. Transformer

6. Normally open and normally close is a type of which of the component?
A. Switches B. Connectors
C. Resistors D. Relays

7. Which component consists of usually two coil winding which usually share a magnetic core?
A. Transformer B. Relay
C. Coil D. None of these

8. Which of these is a type of crystal used for giving clock signals ?
A. Silica B. Quartz
C. Crystallae D. None of these

9. Which of these is a safety device consisting of a strip of wire that melts and breaks an electric circuit if the current exceeds a safe level.
A. Membrane B. Transformer
C. Relay D. Fuse

10. The voltage drop across a silicon semiconductor is?
A. ~0.2 V B. ~0.4 V
C. ~0.7 V D. ~1.5 V

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