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Electronic Quiz 1 (Passive Components)

1. What is a Resistor?
A. A memory of Micro-Controller/Micro-Processor B. A device which oppose the flow of electric current
C. Both of the above D. None of the above

2. The internal structure of Resistor consists of?
A. A small coil which provides resistance B. A material which is bad conductor of electricity
C. Carbon cylinder D. All of above

3. What is the function of capacitor ?
A. To provide low resistance to AC B. To store charges
C. All of above D. None of the above

4. Voltage leads Current by 90 degrees in Capacitor
A. True B. False
C. It depends on the dielectric material D. It depends upon the distance between the plates

5. Does an Inductor affects a Radio system when brought near its receiving antenna ?
A. Yes B. No
C. Depends on the Frequency type D. Depends on the Antenna Material

6. Which component is used to transfer wireless electricity?
A. Resistor B. Capacitor
C. Inductor D. Transformer

7. In which unit Capacitor is rated?
A. Farads B. Farads-Volts/meter
C. Farads-meter D. Farads/volt

8. Capacitance can be varied by ?
A. Changing distance between plates B. Changing area of plates
C. Changing dielectric material D. All of above

9. A Carbon Film Resistor is a __?
A. Positive temperature coefficient B. Negative temperature coefficient
C. Reverse temperature coefficient D. Forward temperature coefficient

10. The resistor is rated in ?
A. 8-bit B. Ohms
C. Ohms/meter D. Ohms/watts

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