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Computer Sci. Quiz 5 (HTML Basics)

1. The most popular language of the web, HTML stands for?
A. Hypertext Markup Language B. Hyperline Markup Language
C. Hyperline Markup Language D. Hyperword Markup Language

2. Does HTML allow multimedia functionality?
A. Yes B. NO
C. Only in HTML5 D. None of these

3. The short form used in HTML to include images is?
A. ima B. imgs
C. img D. None of these

4. While linking pages in HTML, 'href' stands for?
A. hypermedia reference B. hypertext reference
C. hypermark reference D. heading reference

5. 'http' is what kind of web protocol?
A. Unicast Protocol B. Broadcast Protocol
C. Storage Protocol D. Transfer Protocol

6. Does HTML allow Nested tables (a table inside a table)?
A. Yes B. No
C. Depends on browser D. Depends on classes

7. The Browser applies the feature of a tag until it encounters which of the following?
A. End tag B. Quit Tag
C. Closing Tag D. Shut Tag

8. Does the content appear on the page if placed under 'head' tags?
A. Yes B. No
C. Depends on browser D. Depends on the type of head tag

9. What is the name for an in-page frame incusion?
A. includeframe B. inframe
C. iframe D. None of These

10. The page title is always placed in which tag?
A. Head B. Body
C. Footer D. Abstract

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