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Computer Sci. Quiz 4 (JAVA Basics)

1. Which shift operator does not change the sign of the value?
A. >> B. >>>
C. << D. <<<

2. Which of these are selection statements in Java?
A. while() B. elseif()
C. for() D. if()

3. Which of these method is used to compare two String objects if they are equal not not?
A. equal() B. equals()
C. equal D. equalto

4. Java's Multi-threading is platform __?
A. Dependent B. Independent
C. Variable D. Supported

5. Does Java supports unsigned data types?
A. Yes B. No
C. Depends on program D. Depends on compiler

6. All classes in a source file should contain main method?
A. Yes B. No
C. Depends on data types D. Depends on classes

7. Is it possible to change the size of array once it is created?
A. Yes B. Under some circumstances
C. No D. Depends on the program

8. Which tool is used to compile java code?
A. javam B. javacompile
C. CJava D. javac

9. The popular file format JAR stands for?
A. Java Address Routine B. Java Access Routine
C. Java Archive D. Java Archive Runtime

10. Which of these is not a keyword in Java?
A. assert B. boolean
C. evaluate D. abstract

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