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Introduction of 8085

Introduction of 8085 Fig:Basic Block Diagram of Microprocessor.

  • The microprocessor is a semiconductor device (Integrated Circuit) manufactured by the VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) technique.

  • It includes the Arithmetic and Logic Unit, registers and control circuit on a single chip, to perform a function or useful task. We can connect memory and other add-ons like keyboard, logic circuit, etc. to the microprocessor. The microprocessor then commands these devices to act according to the program or code written in it.

  • Inside the microprocessor there is a Central Processing Unit, semiconductor memories like EPROM and RAM, input device, output device and interfacing devices. The memories, input device, output device and interfacing devices are called peripherals. The popular input devices are keyboard and floppy disk and the output devices are printer, LED/LCD displays, CRT monitor, etc.

  • Advantages of Microprocessor based system
  • Computational/Processing speed is high.

  • Intelligence has been brought to systems.

  • Automation of industrial processes and office administration.

  • Since the devices are programmable, there is flexibility to alter the system by changing the software alone.

  • Less number of components, compact in size and cost less. Also it is more reliable.

  • Operation and maintenance are easy.

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