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Features of 8085

  • It is an 8 bit microprocessor (each character is represented by 8 bits or a byte).

  • It is manufactured with N-MOS (n-type Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology implemented with 6200 transistors.

  • It has 16-bit address lines - A0-A15 (to point the memory locations) and hence can point up to 2^16 = 65535 bytes (64KB) memory locations.

  • The first 8 lines of address bus and 8 lines of data bus are multiplexed AD0-AD7. Data bus is a group of 8 lines D0-D7.

  • It provides 5 level interrupts and supports external interrupt request.

  • A 16 bit program counters (PC).

  • A 16 bit stack pointer (SP).

  • It provides 1 accumulator, 2 flag register, six 8-bit general purpose register arranged in pairs: BC, DE, HL and 2special purpose registers.

  • It consists of 74 instruction sets.

  • It performs arithmetic and logical operations.

  • It provides status for advanced control signals, On chip clock generator.

  • It requires a signal +5V power supply and operates at 3.2 MHZ single phase clock with maximum clock frequency 6 MHz and minimum clock frequency 500 kHz.

  • Serial input/output port.

  • 1.3 micro sec instruction cycles.

  • It is enclosed with 40 pins DIP (Dual in line package).

  • It can be used to implement (interface) 3 chip micro-computers (8085, 8155, 8255 and 8355: Peripheral IC's).

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