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Interfacing DAC(Digital to Analog Converter) with 8085

Interfacing DAC (IC 0808) with 8255

  • Follow the initial 3 steps of interfacing of 8255 with 8085 that are given before.

  • The DAC 0808 is 8-bit digital to analog convertor IC. It converts digital data into equivalent analog current.

  • Therefore I to V converter is used to convert analog output current of DAC to equivalent analog voltage.

  • PA0-PA7 pins of Port A are connected to D0-D7 pins of DAC.

  • In above DAC dual power supply of +/- 10V is applied with reference voltage 10V as shown in diagram.

  • According to theory of DAC Equivalent analog output is given as:
  • V0=Vref
    1. If data =00H [00000000], Vref= 10V
    V0= 0 Volts.

    2. If data is 80H [10000000], Vref= 10V V0=10
    V0= 5 Volts.

  • The control word format of 8255 for above interfacing is given as:

  • 8155 Interfacing =80H


    8155 Interfacing

    Interfacing Diagram of DAC

    8155 Interfacing

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