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Interfacing 8155 with 8085


  • The interfacing of 8155 along with 8085 is dong in I/O mapped I/O.

  • 8155 has on chip demultiplexing circuit, therefore AD0-AD7 pins of 8085 are directly connected to AD0-AD7 pins of 8155.

  • 8155 also contains separate (internal) Control signal generator circuit, therefore the IO/M(bar), RD(bar) and WR(bar) control signals are directly connected to 8155.

  • Reset out pin of 8085 is connected to reset pin of 8155.

  • Chip enable is active low signal which is obtained by decoding high order address lines as shown in the diagram.

  • The chip select logic and port address are shown as:

  • 8155 Interfacing

    Interfacing Diagram

    8155 Interfacing

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