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Need of Microcontroller

  • Most electronic devices we use today have microcontroller in them of some form or another.

  • Microcontrollers are Embedded within such devices so that they can control the features or actions of those devices.

  • Another name for a microcontroller is therefore an Embedded Controller.

  • A Microcontroller is required to:
    • Gather input via various sensors, human intervention etc.
    • Process this input into a set of actions.
    • Use the output obtained from the processed data on the Micro controller for designing a simple interactive device.
  • A Microcontroller saves cost, saves power consumption and makes the circuit compact.

  • Microcontrollers are small, low power computers. Unlike desktop or laptop computers microcontrollers dont come with keyboards or mice (we call these inputs since they put information into the computer) or displays (called output because they display the output of the computer.)

  • This allows us to choose our own inputs and outputs so we can make them do things that would be difficult with a common computer. There are hundreds of types of things you can use for inputs and output, can you can combine them in enough ways that make the possibilities infinite

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