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Features of 8051

  • It is 8 bit Micro Controller
  • It has on chip oscillator and CLK generator circuit with operating frequency 12MHz.

  • It has on chip 4Kb ROM which can be expanded up to 64 kb.

  • It has 128 bytes of on chip RAM.

  • It has 4 register banks: bank 0, bank 1, bank 2, and bank 3. Each register bank consists of 8 register.

  • 16 memory location of data memory are bit/byte addressable.

  • The data memory can be expanded up to 64kb.

  • It has 4 parallel I/O port: port0, port1, port2, port3. Each port is 8-bit directional I/O port. Each port is bit/byte addressable.

  • It has two 16 bit multi mode programmable timer/counter.

  • It has multi mode high speed programmable full duplex serial port.

  • It has 5 hardware interrupt: 3 internal interrupt and 2 external interrupt. All 5 interrupt are operated in two priority level.

  • It has on chip power saving circuit operated in two modes: 1. idle mode, 2. Power down mode.

  • It has 11 special function register.

  • It has 111 instructions, 64 instructions are single cycle.

  • It has on chip Boolean processor for single bit manipulation.

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