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DIP Switch

DIP Switch

Introduction of DIP(Dual Inline Package) Switch

  • From the name dual in-line package (DIP) means that it is an electronic device package having a rectangular casing and two parallel rows of electrical connecting terminals/pins which can be easily mounted on PCB(Printed Circuit Board). DIP switch consists of a packaged set of switches which can be installed on Printed circuit boards/bread boards.

  • This type of switch is designed to be used on a printed circuit board along with other electronic components to customize the behaviour of an electronic device in specific situations.They are found on motherboards, expansion cards or auxiliary cards, etc.

  • In the beginning DIP Switches were used in ATARI Flipper game. Later they were used to select the IRQ(Interupt request) and memory addresses for ISA PC cards.

  • The switching mechanism in DIP switch can be slide, toggle or rotary styles. They are also available in SPST, SPDT, DPDT contacts terminology.

  • Slide Dip SW Toggle DIP sw Rotary DIP sw
    Slide DIP Switch Toggle DIP Switch Rotary DIP Switch

  • As each switch is positioned ON or OFF, the DIP switch can create an electrical signal that provides a binary signal to computers that use the numbers 0 and 1 to perform complex calculations. The values of all switches in the DIP package can also be interpreted as one number. For example,7 switches of one DIP Switch offer 128 combinations, allowing them to select a standard ASCII character whereas 8 switches of one DIP Switch offers 256 combinations.

  • DIP Switch
  • You may see the numbers 1 and 0 on the DIP Switch instead of ON or OFF.

  • Most computers are using plug an play, hence most hardware does not requires manual configurations making less use of DIP Switches.

  • Constructional and Working Diagram

    Circuit Diagram Constructional diagram Cross section of Switch
    Circuit Diagram of DIP Switch Constructional Diagram of DIP Switch Cross Section of DIP Switch
    DIP Switch Working of DIP Switch

    Characteristics/Ratings of DIP Switch

    1. Style: This specification describes "SMT HALF PITCH TYPE DIP SWITCHES"
    2. Operating Temperature range: -40 Degree Celsius to +80 Degree Celsius.
    3. Current Range:
    • Non Switching: 100mA, 50V Dc
    • Switching: 25mA, 24V Dc

    4. Type of Actuation: Slide Actuation.
    5. Switch Capacitance: 50pF at 1MHz.


  • Used as encoder/decoder for frequency setting in wireless transmitter and receiver

  • Earlier used in computer circuit boards, ceiling fan remote etc.

  • Telecommunications and other electronic devices requiring option settings.

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