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Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic is a low cost sensor. it is used for distance measurement. Its working principle is similar to that of SONAR(Sound Navigation and Ranging). The sensor provides precise,Stable non-contact distance measurements from about 2cm to 4 meters with very high accuracy. It can be used for level detection, speed and relative distances, burglar alarms etc.


  • Professional EMI/RFI Complaint PCB Layout Design for Noise Reduction

  • Range: 2 cm to 4 m

  • Accurate and Stable range data

  • Data loss in Error zone eliminated

  • Modulation at 40 KHz

  • Mounting holes provided on the circuit board

  • Triggered externally by supplying a pulse to the signal pin

  • 5V DC Supply voltage

  • Current - <20mA

  • Bidirectional TTL pulse interface on a single I/O pin can communicate with 5 V TTL or 3.3V CMOS microcontrollers

  • Echo pulse: positive TTL pulse, 87 ┬Ás minimum to 30 ms maximum(PWM)
  • On Board Burst LED Indicatorshows measurement in progress

  • 3-pin header makes it easy to connect using a servo extension cable, no soldering required

  • Circuit Diagram



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