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PIR Motion Sensor
PIR(passive infrared sensor) is a sensor that detects the motion of various objects. It detects objects in its specified range by catching the energy emitted by objects. The PIR sensor that we have used have viewing angle less than 180 degrees. PIR with viewing angle of 360 degree are also available. Its operating voltage is from 5V to 9V. Its detecting range is upto 6 meters. It has settling time of 30 seconds to 1 minutes. The plastic window covering have multiple facets molded into it, to focus the infrared energy onto the sensor. Each individual facet is a Fresnel lens. It is used in various applications like- burglar alarms, in common toilets for auto flush/lights/exhaust fans, motion detection in robots, etc.


  • Complete with PIR, Motion Detection IC and Fresnel Lens

  • Dual Element Sensor with Low Noise and High Sensitivity

  • Supply Voltage: 5-20Vdc

  • Delay Time Adjustable: 5 seconds to 18 Minutes

  • Standard TTL Output

  • Module Dimensions: 28mm Length, 38mm Width, 40mm Height

  • Code


    Circuit Diagram



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