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6 DOF IMU Board

  • The LSM303DLHC is a digital 3 axis accelerometer and 3 axis magnetometer with I2C interface. It has full-scale acceleration range of +/- 2g to +/- 16g and full scale magnetic field range of +/- 1.3 to +/- 8.1 gauss.

  • All the full scale ranges are user selectable. Module has on board low drop voltage regulator which takes input supply in the range of 3.6V to 6V DC.

  • Board has two mounting holes. All 9 pins of the module are arranged in single line.

  • LSM303DLHC's I2C serial bus interface supports standard (100 KHz) and fast mode (400 KHz). It is most suitable for tilt compensated compass, quadrotor and robotics application.

  • For LSM303DLHC application interface example available is based on LPC2148 ARM7 microcontroller.
  • IMU

    LSM303DLHC Module Features:

    • Onboard 3.3V Low Drop voltage regulator with input range of 3.6V to 6V.

    • Logic supply voltage range of 1.8 to 3.3V. Logic supply pin is accessible through 9 pin header

    • Dimensions: 0.9"(L) X 0.5"(W)

    • 2 x Mounting holes

    • 3 magnetic field axis and 3 acceleration axis

    • Full scale range of +/- 1.3 to +/- 8.1 gauss magnetic field

    • +/- 2g or +/- 4g or +/- 8g or +/- 16g user selectable full-scale acceleration ranges

    • 16 bit data output

    • I2C serial interface

    • Power-down mode/ low-power mode

    • 2 independent programmable interrupt generators for free-fall and motion detection

    • Embedded temperature sensor

    • 6DOF orientation detection


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