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PCB Header

PCB Header- Male
  • PCB header, the name itself says that this type of connector is used for various connection on pcb.

  • Sometimes it is difficult to draw track from one end to another and we make use of jumper i.e. wire to board connection or board to board connection. Thus in order to use jumpers in an organized way without soldering, such connectors are used.

  • Also to make an external make/break connection of components/device on a pcb, PCB headers are used.

  • Various kinds of pcb header are available to facilitate a better way of connection.

  • This connectors are best suited for FRC(Flat Ribbon cable) interface.

  • PCB header can also be called as Pin header or Berg Strip.

  • A header with guided plastic box around them are known as "Box headers" or "Shrouded headers".

  • These connectors are also available with 90 Degrees bent and are also cost effective due to simplicity in their manufacturing.

  • Thay are available in various length such as 10 pin header, 10 pin header, etc. These connectors can be cut easily into pieces as per the requirements.

  • PCB Headers


    Different kinds of PCB headers are available in both Male and Female version.

  • Right angled PCB header

  • Multiple row PCB header

  • Screw terminal header

  • PCB Header Screw Terminal PCB Header
    Right Angled PCB Header Multiple Row PCB Header

    Electrical Specifications

    Current rating: 3 A continuous
    Insulation resistance: 5000 MOhms min
    Operating Temperature Range: -65 Degree Celsius to +125 Degree Celsius.
    NOTE: This specifications changes with different manufacturers, requirements, etc.


  • In Xbee module, LCD module, etc.
  • In evaluation boards and other PCB circuits.
  • Used in computer power supply that connect to Floppy drive.
  • In MotherBoard.
  • PCB Header PCB Header on XBee Module
    PCB Header on IMU Module PCB Header on LCD Module

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