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DC Power Connector

Dc Power Male Connector Dc Power Female Connector

  • DC Power connector is used to interface between circuits and DC power supply.

  • Officially it is known as DC Barrel Jack but commonly spelled as DC power connector.

  • It is a three terminal Connector.
  • There are various kinds of DC power connector but this very easy, simple and cheaper, thus used in wide variety of applications.

  • This connector easily fits into breadboard and PCB, so are widely used in applications to connect DC power from its adapter to the circuit.

  • This Power Jack can fit 2.1mm male connector. They are available in different sizes.
  • Dc Power Connector

    Types of DC Connector

  • Barrel DC Connector

  • Molex Connector

  • JST Connector

  • Terminal Block Connector

  • ISO 4165 Connector

  • XLR Connector

  • Wiring with Connector

    Wiring Female Dc Power Connector Wiring Male Dc Power Connector
    Wiring Male Dc Power Connector

    Electrical Specifications

    1. Operation voltage: 250 VAC max
    2. Current rating: 1 Amp max
    3. Contact resistance: 20 mOhms min
    4. Insulation resistance: 5000 MOhms min at 1000 VDC
    5. Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1000 VAC min rms (sea level)
    6. Capacitance: 1.5pF max between adjacent contacts.


  • Electronic circuits

  • As a link between Adapter/power supply and Electronic devices

  • Mobile and Laptop Charging Interface

  • Application: Dc Power Connector on Arduino Board Application: Dc Power Connector on Raspberry Pi
    Application: Dc Power Connectors of Laptop Application: Dc Power Connectors of Laptop

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