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Role of Cyber Law

Prospective role of cyber laws

  • Cyber Laws have an important role in representing and defining the norms of the cyber society.

  • Cyber Laws help in giving the right to enter into legally enforceable digital contracts.

  • Cyber Laws help in maintaining the Cyber properties.

  • Cyber Laws help in to carry on online business.

  • Cyber Laws help in providing legal reorganization for Electronic documents and Digital signature.

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    Need of Cyber Laws

  • In todays world of internet and growing electronic means , many crimes and problems are happening.

  • To reduce / stop these , it is necessary to have some strict laws in order to protect users right , property right , copy right , data protection etc.

  • The law in each nation depends upon their cultural , political , social and economical factors.

  • Complex legal issues arising leads to the need of cyber law .

  • Different methods for regulating and controlling the electronic means.

  • On internet, it is very easy to make the duplicacy of copies and transmit them anywhere in the world by various means in few minutes. Internet has been described as "theworld's biggest copy machine" (PC week - January 27 , 1997).

  • Cyberspace is absolutely open for participation by all. E.g. a 40 year old women can have a voice chat, video chat or a normal chat with 20 year old guy even staying in another country.

  • Pirated movies, software source code worth billions, game crack's and patch, can be transferred across the globe in hardly few hours.

  • Cyberspace offers never-seen-before economy, means great economic efficiency.

  • Cyberspace handles huge traffic volumes every second.

  • Spreading of pornographic material,threat via emails, Hacking of websites and computers, different means through whichspoils an individual's fame and create hatred amongst each other.

  • Today everyone are using credit cards for shopping and transactions.

  • Government forms, Company forms, Passport forms, Law forms , income tax returns etc all are now filled in electronic form.

  • All the internet users should protect their data online and ensure safety of their personal information.

  • Crime and technology walk in parallel to each other. The more the technology advances the more the crime can happen.

  • Government can impose the created cyber laws whoever tries to do all such activities.

  • The use of internet has led to some criminal activities in cyber space.

  • Since it touches almost all aspects of transactions and activities concerning the internet, the World Wide Web and cyberspace.

  • Therefore Cyber Law is extremely important.

  • E-commerce , the biggest future of Internet , can only be possible only if we have legal development in place to compliment its growth.

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