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Protect Your System and Data

How to Protect Your Computer

Following are various preventive measures to protect you computer and data:

  • Use anti-virus softwares and Internet security softwares.

  • Use firewalls and always keep them up-to-date.

  • Operating system should ne up to the mark and with all the latest updates.

  • Use your password wisely , so that it becomes hard for others to know. Keep changing password every few months.

  • Enable password while logging into your computer so that no stranger can login to your computer.

  • Often take the backup of your data on CDs , pendrives or HDDs, in order to prevent from loss of data.

  • Stay updated on the latest information for securing the computer.

  • Always scan your computer once a week and scan USB devices when transferring data.

  • Keep the browser updated.

  • Connect to internet only when you need it and disconnect when not in use.

  • Secure the Wi-Fi network if you have at your place as anyone can access your wi-fi.

  • Always be alert when you login to any other system.

  • Never open any unknown email or click on any link.

  • Perform regular maintenance of your system and learn to diagnose for the problems.

  • Always have a conversation with your friends and amongst your employees for the need of security and what will happen if not implemented. Spread the consciousness around.

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