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Email Crime

In today's life Communication through E-Mail is one of the most easiest, speedy and secure. But when some one tries to break this security causing you or your information any harm through e-mail. Following are the various kinds of Email Crime:

  • Email bombing: The term email bombing means the attackers continuously send an identical email message to a particular email . Sending of many emails together is called as bombing.
  • Email Bombing

  • Email spoofing: It means, user thinks that the mail is sent from one source when it was actually sent from another source. In simple way , attackers send the mail to the user using other user’s id so that they can easily get the information. Users provide the information by thinking that this is sent from one we know , when in reality it is sumone else.
  • Email Spoofing

  • Email spamming: Sending similar mails to thousands of users together. It has grown tremendously since 1990s. Accesing this spam or clicking on the link can redirect the users to any phishing website and can lead to loss of personal information . It is also known as junk mail.
  • Email Spamming

  • Malware distribution: Hackers can send malicious content or code through email messages. This malicious content or code can even be sent through attachments. These can include virus , worms , Trojans , spyware , adware etc. Opening of email is also another way of distributing the malware. By opening these mails , it can lead to computer crash , theft of personal data to name a few.
  • Malware Distribution

  • Threatening Emails:It is one of the criminal activity performed on Email which contributes in Theft, Blackmail, etc.
  • Email Threatening

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