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  • An array is a type of variable which allows us to hold a list of values at a time.Every element of an array can be referenced by its index number.

  • PHP Supports 3 Types of Arrays:

    Numeric Array:
  • A numeric array can be used to store variables, numbers, stringsetc. but its index is numeric.

  • A foreach loop is generally used to print an array.

  • Associative Array:
  • An associative array is similar to a numeric array except that the index of the associative array is referenced by a string.

  • This will give an O/P: score of A is 500.

  • NOTE: While printing don't use double quotes to refer an index in associative array else it wouldn't return any value.

    Multidimensional Array:
  • Multidimensional array contains arrays within arrays. Every element in a multidimensional array is also an array.

  • This will give an O/P: score of A in p is 20.

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