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Introduction to PHP

What is PHP?

  • PHP contains not only PHP code but also text, HTML, CSS,JavaScript.

  • The result is displayed on the browser and it is executed on the browser.

  • It works on almost all operating like (LINUX,WINDOWS,etc.)

  • Why PHP?

  • PHP is an open source software and hence free.

  • PHP provides various filtering techniques for better security.

  • It is compatible with various servers and runs on a wide range of platforms.

  • PHP reduces the amount of code to be written

  • Difference Between PHP and HTML:

  • PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) is essentially a scripting language whereas HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a markup language.

  • PHP executes faster because it has already been compiled by a program that reads the code interprets into machine language and executes it sequentially.

  • HTML consists of tags that are used to 'markup' the text that is to arrange the data in a particular manner decided by the programmer.

  • PHP is used in:

  • Web Development

  • It can access Databases and make changes in them. It can also talk to other Servers. This is not possible in JavaScript.

  • In data encryption

  • Creation of graphics and performing calculations.

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