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4.1 Introduction to Arrays

We know that only one value can be stored in a variable data-type. If we want to store several items of the same type, then we’ll have to declare as many variables as the number of items. Creating and maintaining so many variables is a difficult task. This problem can be solved by creating an array.
An array is a collection of items of the same type that will be referred by a single name. C++ supports one and multi-dimensional arrays.

data_type array_name[size1][size2]….[sizen];

Note:– above declaration is for n dimensional array. size1,size2,… should be a positive integer constant only.

For e.g.
int a[100];
int b[2][3];
char c[5];

int n=4;
int d[n]; Not valid

a and c are one dimensional while b is 2 dimensional array.
Elements of “a” are a[0],a[1],….a[99].
All the above are int variables.

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