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25 Differences between C++ and Java

No. Parameters C++ JAVA
1 Developed by C++ language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup Java language was developed by Sun Microsystems
2 Platform dependence on Operating System C++ language is platform dependent Java language is platform independent
3 Compatibility of code C++ shows a relatively low compatibility of code Java shows a relatively high compatibility of code
4 Speed C++ language is comparatively faster during compilation Java language is comparatively slower during compilation
5 Language Description C++ is not a complete Object Oriented Language Java is a complete object oriented language
6 Complexity C++ is a more complex architectural language Java compiles to byte code
7 Compilation C++ compiles to machine level language Java is relatively a simple architectural language
8 Code resources C++ uses only compiler Java uses compiler and interpreter both
9 Language position usage C++ language is closer to Hardware Java language is closer to the application front
10 Template Classes C++ facilitate the use of template classes Java does not facilitates the use of template classes
11 Predessor C++ supports predessor Java does not support predessor
12 Global Variables In C++, global variables can be declared In Java, global variables cannot be declared
13 Pointers C++ supports the use of pointers Java does not support the use of pointers
14 Default Arguments C++ supports default arguments Java does not support default arguments
15 Header files C++ uses header files Java does not use header files
16 Copy Constructor C++ uses copy constructor Java does not use copy constructor
17 Scope resolution operator Scope resolution operator is present in Java Scope resolution operator is absent in C++
18 Multiple Inheritance C++ has multiple inheritances Java does not have multiple inheritances
19 Unsigned Integer C++ supports unsigned integer Java does not support unsigned integer
20 Destruction of objects In C++, destruction of objects is performed by destructor function In Java, destruction of objects is performed in finalize method.
21 Statements C++ supports go to statements Java supports break and continue statements
22 Structures and Unions In C++ we use Structure and Union In Java, we do not use Structure and Union
23 Operator overloading C++ supports operator overloading Java does not supports operator overloading
24 Critical Sections C++ needs header files for addressing critical sections Java has inbuilt functions for handling critical sctions
25 Application Application softwares Web applications, mobile applications

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