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30 Differences between C and C++

No. Parameters C C++
1 Developed by C language was developed by Bell Laboratories C++ language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup
2 Type of language C is a procedural Language C++ is an Object Oriented Language
3 File type extension In C, files are stored with .c extension In C++, files are stored with .cpp extension
4 Approach in program architecture in C, top down approach is used In C++, bottom up approach is used
5 Importance in code In C, importance is given to the process In c++, importance is given to the data
6 Classification of language C is classified as Low level langage Modern C++ is classified as High level language
7 Code building block Functions are the building blocks of the code Objects are the building block of the codes
8 Speed C applications are faster to compile and execute C++ applications are relatively slower to compile and execute
9 Multiple Global Variables In C, declaring gobal variables multiple times is allowed In c++ declaring global variables multiple times is not allowed
10 Data visibility modes C does not have different data visibility modes C++ has different data visibility modes like public, private and protected
11 Function Overloading C does not support function overloading C++ supports function overloading
12 Virtual Functions Virtual functions are not present in C Virtual functions are present in C++
13 Operator overloading Operator Overloading is not possible in C Operator Overloading is possible in C++
14 Functions inside Structures In C, we cannot use functions inside structures In C++, we can use functions inside structures
15 Reference Variables C language does not allow reference variables C++ language allows reference variables
16 Input and Output functions In C, Input and Output commands is given through Libraries In C++, Input and Output commands are given through console commands
17 New and Delete commands C language does not support new and delete commands C++ language supports new and delete commands
18 Exception Handling C language does not support exception handling C++ language supports exception handling
19 Undeclared functions Functions should be defined before main() Functions can be defined at the point of use
20 Constructs Use of Constructs valid in C language Use of Constructs not valid in C++
21 Mapping complexity Mapping between functions is complex Mapping between functions is simple
22 Character constant In C, character constant is elevated to Integer In C++, character constant is not elevated to Integer
23 NAMESPACE No NAMESPACE feature present in C language NAMESPACE feature is present in C++ language
24 Abstraction Process The process of abstraction is not present in C The process of abstraction is present in C++
25 Encapsulation Data Encapsulation cannot be performed in C language Data Encapsulation can be performed in C++
26 Inheritance Inheritance is not possible in C language Inheritance is possible in C++ language
27 Data types Allows only built-in data typs Allows both built-in and user defined data types
28 Variable declaration Variable should be defined at the starting of the scope Variables can be defined anywhere in the scope
29 GUI Programming C language uses GTK tool for GUI programming C++ language uses Qt tools for GUI programming
30 Application Industry softwares, system softwares Application softwares

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